Should I turn off my hot water heater when I’m on holidays?

turn off water heater on holidaysThe most frequently asked question we encounter at this time of year is “Should I turn off my hot water heater when I go on holidays?”.  Afterall, why keep your water heater switched on, heating hot water that no-one is using, wasting electricity and gas while no-one is home.

Before switching off your water heater, consider the following:

How long will you be away?

If you plan to be away for a few weeks then you can think about turning off your water heater.  This will save on running costs and eliminate the risk of water damage from the tank rupturing.

Is your water heater old? 

If your water heater is what would be considered old, i.e. 10 yrs plus, then it has a greater risk of leaking. It’s a good idea to turn off older water heaters that may be prone to leaking, even rupturing, simply due to their age.

Where is your water heater located?

If your water heater is located inside the house and starts leaking, even ruptures, whilst you are away it can cause a lot of damage. We usually recommend turning off indoor water heaters for this reason.  Depending upon the location of your outdoor water heater, it too can cause damage due to flooding.

Has your water heater been installed correctly?

If your water heater has been installed using flexible braided hoses these are more likely to rupture under pressure as they are made of rubber.  Turning off water heaters with flexible braided hoses or rubber hoses is recommended.  Note: copper pipework is preferable and more long lasting.

How to turn off your water heater

Electric water heaters
turning off electric water heater
turn off electric water heater
IMPORTANT : If you turn off the water to the heater you MUST turn off the power.
Gas water heaters
turning off gas water heater
turn off electric water heater

IMPORTANT : If you turn off the water to the heater you MUST turn off the power.

Turning your water heater back on

When you return from holidays, obviously you’ll need to turn your water heater back on.

Electric water heaters : turn your electric water heater back on as soon as you get home as you will have to wait overnight to have a full tank of hot water.

Gas water heaters : you will need to relight the system. Watch our video on how to relight a Rheem gas water heater.  Once relit you will have to wait approximately one hour for hot water.

Questions about turning your water heater on and off?

Should you have any questions about holiday safety regarding your hot water heater, don’t hesitate to call our “Hot-line” on 0410 693 532.

Happy holidays and safe travels,
The team at Cheapa Hot Water.

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